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Tobacco Cessation and

Addiction services for

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Competent Advice

Compassionate Support

Comprehensive Services

More ways to stay in touch means more people stay on track!

On-site Tobacco Cessation Classes

Professionally facilitated classes at your location bring a high-value and life-changing resource to the people you care about. Workbooks and interactive teaching materials give every smoker a chance to develop their unique Quit Plan.

Text Message Support

Program participants can choose to receive daily text messages while enrolled and for as long as they wish. Consistently positive messages provide reassurance, tips, motivation, and reminder that the brave quitter isn't alone on their journey. The daily text messages usually contain a live link to either our QuittersWin blog or Facebook page where there will be additional content related to the text message. More ways to stay in touch means a greater chance of staying on track!

Phone Support

Program participants can access up to 3 phone sessions with a Quit Coach as needed, within 12 months of the end of classes, at no additional cost. Quitting is a long-term commitment and long-term support can mean long-term success. Piecing together the support that fits each individual, we hope to help them toward life-changing freedom.

Consulting Services

Implementing tobacco-related, pro-recovery policies and designing wellness programs for your members can be puzzling. Current scientific information along with a deep personal understanding of addiction can take some of the mystery out of meeting the needs of your members and your organization.