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The 'BESOCHEMPS' model of addiction provides deeper understanding and yields better outcomes. 

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Twenty years of experience, ushering thousands of brave souls through the process of quitting, has informed both the content of our programs and the connection that our clients feel when they experience our services.

Sadly, when people quit using tobacco, about 95% will relapse before a year passes. Part of that sobering fact is due to our tendency to over-rely upon chemical cures. And while nicotine is a powerfully addictive substance, there are other important factors that need to be addressed beyond managing addiction and withdrawal symptoms. 

Our proprietary QuittersWin program takes a far more holistic and comprehensive look at the distinct features of a person's relationship with and use of their 'drug of choice.' This nuanced approach helps each participant identify the behavioral, social, chemical, emotional, and psychological reasons behind their addiction. This comprehensive and personalized approach multiplies the chance of success by building skills that lead to lasting behavioral change.